An Array of Use Cases

as Broad as Human Pursuits

ETSEME is positioned to meet the undeniable need for innovative solutions across various sectors.

Use Case Examples for our Product

Use Case Examples

for our Product

Here is a selection of use cases that our solution can address:
Industry 5.0
Detection of an operator’s stress

Safety and well-being at work are major focus points of Industry 5.0.

Our technology allows for the measurement of industrial employees’ stress levels during their activities, enabling actions to improve their working conditions.

Driver's Cabin
Acceptance of innovation in transportation

Driving professions are evolving, incorporating more and more new technologies that drivers must adapt to.

By using ETSEME’s technology in innovative projects, such as designing the driver’s cabins of the future, we can measure the impact and acceptance of these innovations on drivers.

Passenger Safety
Detection of passengers’ stress

Who hasn’t felt insecure when using shared transportation?

With our technology, we could detect stress caused by acts of hostility and respond proactively to enhance passenger safety.

Develop robots’ awareness of human emotions

Robotics integrate more and more features that take human factors into account.

Our technology would provide robots with an additional understanding of the cognitive state of the people they interact with, enabling better adaptation.

Detection of a patient's cognitive state

Predicting and anticipating patients’ cognitive states to support the work of healthcare professionals.

Our technology could monitor a patient’s stress during a medical examination, their social reintegration, or even assist in diagnosis.

It could also help measure the acceptance by medical staff when integrating new technologies.

Stress detection in learners

Customizing training to learners’ actual experiences is a major challenge in adaptive learning technologies.

Our technology could measure the stress levels of learners during training, allowing instructors or educators to tailor content to their experiences.

The Human factor is at the core of ETSEME’s technology.
Therefore, all sectors involving human interaction offer potential use cases for our solution.

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ETSEME is currently working on innovative projects alongside commercial, technical, and financial partners:
Boble - La technologie au service de l'Humain