An Innovative Digital Solution

to Empower Humans

ETSEME is building an innovative stress detection solution to improve everyone’s working conditions.

Our Technology

ETSEME is developing a technology to monitor an individual's stress level variations in real time through remote analysis of physiological signals.
Physiological Signals

ETSEME's solution uses radar technology to extract an individual's cardiac and respiratory activities remotely from chest wall micro-movements.

Sensors + AI

The embedded Artificial Intelligence is intended to process and analyze the data gathered by the sensors locally.

Stress Dynamics

Our solution aims at providing stress variation dynamics in real time.

A Focus on Precision and Care

A Focus on

Precision and Care​

A More Universal Stress Assessment
A More Universal Stress Assessment

By analyzing internal physiological variations, ETSEME's technology will go beyond the behavioral and subjective components of stress.

Physiological Accuracy

By leveraging physiological activity, our solution will offer greater reliability in assessing internal states.


Our solution aims to perform measurement analysis and provide feedback in real time.


The radar sensor integrated into the module allows for contactless measurements with the user.


The collected data is anonymous and will be analyzed by a generic AI.

The Well-being of the Individual at the Heart of the Company

This vision implies a technology that respects the user's physical integrity and does not require any personal data.

We offer an innovative approach to the human factor
that is fully respectful of organizations and the people who make them up.
We offer an innovative approach to the Human Factor that is fully respectful of organizations and the people they are made of.

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