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Empowering Performance through Stress Awareness

Why Detect Stress at Work?

Why Detect

Stress at Work?

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of employees

report experiencing work-related stress at least once a week.
Loss of Productivity

How to Unlock Everyone's Potential?

How to Unlock

Everyone's Potential?

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Our Technology

ETSEME is developing a technology to monitor an individual's stress level variations in real time through remote analysis of physiological signals.
Physiological Signals

ETSEME's solution uses radar technology to extract an individual's cardiac and respiratory activities remotely from chest wall micro-movements.

Sensors + AI

The embedded Artificial Intelligence is intended to process and analyze the data gathered by the sensors locally.

Stress Dynamics

Our solution aims at providing stress variation dynamics in real time.

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Affective Computing

Affective Computing leverages Artificial Intelligence to recognize and classify human emotions from physiological and behavioral signals.
Demand is growing for a dynamic and real-time affective computing solution.
A rapidly growing market
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Annual growth rate

A graph depicting the projected economic growth of the affective computing market, increasing from 29 billion US dollars in 2020 to 285 billion US dollars in 2028.

According to a study by Emergen Research, the annual growth rate of affective computing is estimated to be 32.5% from 2020 to 2028, reaching a market value of USD 285 billion by 2028.

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Our Team

As a deeptech start-up, ETSEME relies on an experienced team to ensure the success of its projects.

They Support Us

ETSEME has forged commercial, technical, and financial partnerships with local and national entities:

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